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As of Monday, August 17, nearly 3 million families benefit from the ARS (Allocation de R Entrée Scolaire).

This year, the ARS is more generous, in fact this amount has been increased by 100 € because of "the social consequences of the epidemic crisis" of the Coronavirus.A few weeks before the recovery, the hunt for bargains is launched.Vallée, European leader in stationery and office supplies, a specialist in this back-to-school highlight, delivers its 5 key tips for a controlled back-to-school season!

1 - Track promotions: At Bureau Vallée, promotions are numerous and the brand regularly organizes operations.This is the case of the operation "1 bought = 1 free" which will take place from August 15 to September 5 ** for any purchase of a product marked with the “1 bought = 1 free” badge, an identical product is offered.This offer covers around forty products from major brands and families can thus make great savings.2 - Take inventory of products: In a survey conducted by Opinion Way for Bureau Vallée *, 85% of parents plan to reuse supplies that were not used due to the closure of schools during confinement."It's a phenomenon that has been accelerating for about 5 years.Parents no longer hesitate to recycle supplies that can still be used rather than buying new ones.There is a real ecological awareness and with the current context this reflex is increasing for economic reasons ”explains Adrien Peyroles of Bureau Vallée.3 - Think about the bulk: If the products sold in batches can be interesting for large families, they are of little interest when you have 1 or 2 children in school.Bureau Vallée offers in its stores the presentation of certain products (pens, binders, folders, etc.) by unit, by color and without packaging.Writing instruments are presented in bulk and the brand also promotes the sale of refillable models.4 - Bet on products from big brands: When you have a small budget, you are tempted to turn to products at low prices.However, be careful because the quality is not always there! These products wear out much faster than products from big brands which offer a guarantee of quality.Bureau Vallée has the particularity of offering branded products negotiated at the best price all year round.

Posted Date: 2020-09-04

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